Leigh Johnson
Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist NC #11705

Ongoing Classes

Build core strength, dismantle compensation patterns and flush inflammation out of your tissues

Class Schedule

2:00-3:15 PM Stretch and Restore, $15 drop in

6:30-8:00 PM Restore and Meditate, $15 drop in

9:00-10:00 AM Stretch, $5-$20 suggested donation
10:00-11:00 AM Restore, $5-$20 suggested donation
11:15 - 12:00 AM Meditation, $5-$20 suggested donation

Rehydrate the supportive matrix of your connective tissue with compression and length techniques 
using a soft body roller. 


Integrate your muscles and fascia from head to toe and move with more grace and ease. Clear out adhesions that build up in the body through daily activity, and learn how to move with the whole body to reduce wear and tear.