Leigh Johnson
Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist NC #11705

Therapeutic Massage

Effective Bodywork

Private sessions include multiple techniques. 
  • Neural Reset Therapy®
  • Quantum Alignment Technique®
  • Biofield Tuning®
  • RedCord® 
  • Self-Care Instruction
Whether you need recovery or prevention, creating strength and stability in the body does not have to be an uphill battle. I have developed my therapeutic abilities through 15+ years of experience in movement and massage therapy. All the techniques I use help support and restore whole body communication.

Neural Reset Therapy® helps reset resting muscle tone and disrupts chronic pain patterns. This technique is as effective as traditional massage therapy, if not more effective due to the rapid whole body integration that it can create. Clients remain clothed and tender tissue does not need to be pressed into in order to create a shift.

Quantum Alignment Technique® helps to neutralize trauma stuck in the body and reconnect the brain to the body for improved function and pain reduction. 

Biofield Tuning® helps remove emotional static in your energetic field, breaking up old patterns and integrating past experiences. I also use tuning forks on the body to help relax tight stressed out muscles - especially effective in the neck!

RedCord® helps strengthen neuro-muscular engagement to overcome compensation patterns, balance muscle tone right to left and front to back and create a rock solid core, quickly.

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